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Rules of Forum (UPDATED ON: 19TH OF MARCH)

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Rules of Forum (UPDATED ON: 19TH OF MARCH) Empty Rules of Forum (UPDATED ON: 19TH OF MARCH)

Post by luiz187 on 26/12/2013, 6:04 am

We only have a few simple rules.

Please dont spam servers. You will be banned, only one topic for each server.

Please dont just post the IP. Staff will remove it if that happens.

Please only post links to the website of minecraft servers. No links to planet mc please. Only post links like this in the Minecraft Chat forum. (IPs are allowed, lol)

You are not allowed to post your servers latest news and information within 24hours.
Unless you have been approved of (VIA PM) You cannot use a signature.

Absolutely NO mentioning usernames unless moderating (staff only)

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