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Post by luiz187 on 1/6/2013, 2:08 am

Everyone may join public groups, just go to the home page next who has been on in the last 24hrs, in the list of groups. Click them and you will see a place to ask to join.(if the group is public) That will send a request to the group moderator. Some groups have forums just for them and recieve their own personal news letters and PMs. Blog Spot usualy doesnt check user groups very often without a request for someone to review a group.

You can also see even more groups this way. First click Usergroups list, between to Memberlist and Profile above under our logo. Then it will show witch groups you are already in first then next it will show witch groups you are asking to join the last, it will say "Join a group".  Then choose the group you would like to join.

You can make a group too. Just PM luiz187 or Foxhound16289. Your "application" for your group must be in this format
Forums: (For example Tec, Support)
You may not have color groups. You may have up to five forums in your group and and you may only have one group. You also only may not have Blogs in your group. The only exception to this is if you buy the VIP rank.

If you are having trouble and or not being able to join a group contact an administrator or moderator by PM.


Blog Spot administrators and moderators take no responsibility of what goes on away from this site.(Like emails) But you may forward the email(s) to a administrators for them to ban the user that is sending them if they not following our rules. If someone has been spamming your Blog Spot email you can report them to a moderator or administrator

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